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Earth Safe™ Blood Meal is a fine powder that provides high levels of organic nitrogen. Apply to your lawn in the spring for quick green-up or onto your vegetable garden before planting. This product can also be used year-round as an accelerator for your compost pile.


  • Lawns: 

    Apply 1/3 kg per 9m² (100 ft²) in the spring.
    Note: this container covers 18m² (200ft²). When used on the lawn, blood meal will temporarily discolour the lawn before being watered in.


    Vegetable Gardens / Compost Pile:

    Apply 1/3 kg per 9 m² (100 ft²) prior to planting and mix into the top 1” of soil. Note: this container covers 18m²(200ft²).

  • Blood meal.

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